Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wheat. Lots of Wheat. Fields of Wheat. A Tremendous Amount of Wheat.

Overlapping back into this space again. Resurfacing from a long migraine I finally managed to kill after a few hours of sweating pints in the community garden plot. It goes like this: pull weeds, screen compost, plant zinnias, pull weeds, screen compost, plant basil, gulp leaded dc water from garden hose, repeat. People with individual gardens and tidy individual compost bins don't get the whole compost-screening thing, I think. A compost heap in a community garden is more just a big invasive-vine-covered hill, a dumping ground for everyone's weeds and spent plants. So you have to go out there and dig in and dig under for a while to hit the weeds that have decomposed into dirt, then shovel some of it onto one of the wood-and-quarter-inch-screen contraptions that the wonderful guy who told me all about invasive earthworms, imagine!, made, which you put over a wheelbarrow, and then you sift and shake and rub the dirt through until you have about an inch of something really good, then you repeat. About a half-hour later you've filled the wheelbarrow, and if any of it spills, you cry.

Along with migraines come hallucinations for me, like someone chasing me with a hammer to hit me in the head was one from the other day, so I have a few go-to scenes to cheer myself up. These include:
1. Love and Death: "The wheat. The wheat."
2. Duck Soup: "To war, to war, to war we gotta go, with a hidey-hidey-hidey-hidey-hidey-hidey-ho!"
3. Laughing Wild (Christopher Durang): "I'm the Infant of Prague! Prague, Prague, Prague, Prague, Prague!"
4. Blazing Saddles: French Mistake musical number.
5. Boogie Nights: As the boys are in the studio, recording their inimitable number "Feel My Heat" and they decide: "I think we should do a few more "feels" in there."