Saturday, February 2, 2008

They Take Orders From a Guinea Pig Drag Queen

Weekends, we let the child watch TV and eat cereal while we sleep in. Give me a damn break, her every other waking moment is filled with constructive, developmentally appropriate social and educational opportunities. She sits on the couch and keeps up a running report.

DD: My favorite Power Ranger, the Blue Power Ranger, her real name is Sally!

Me: Which one is this?

DD: Power Rangers Ninja Storm! And also I watched Power Rangers Mystic Force.

Me: Do they still have that same boss? You know, the rich one in a big house, with the guy who helps him? (To husband:) He's hot. In that softc-o-r-e kind of way, you know?

DH: (In pillow) Mmph.

DD: No, their boss in this one is a hamster.

Me: A hamster?

DD: A hamster, a hamster!

Me: I'd like to see that.

DD: He's on now! Look!

DH: What does he look like?

Me: A giant guinea pig. In drag. He's a guinea pig drag queen. Gesturing at a flat-screen TV.

DD: He gives them their orders!

Photo: Rod Lousich, the hot boss. No hamster he, nor softc-o-r-e in the least, but a respected theatrically trained actor from New Zealand! From Operation Overdrive, probably used actionably.

PS: Mom is PO'ed, but comfortable. Racking her brains for something positive to make from it all.

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