Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Going to Jupiter with an Aching in My Heart

I'm vanishing for a while. Spring break, baby. Headfirst into a margarita and a plate of plantains. Three odd grabs:

The "Rules of Surfing," posted on the beach at Santa Cruz, by Sam Reid:
First surfer on waves has right-of-way
Paddle around wave, not through it
Hang on to your board
Help other surfers

I wish I'd done these ads. Driving a Prius also gives you a free pass to sing earworm songs in crowds, cut people off for parking spaces, and text while others are around. I am above reproach!

Put a sample of writing in this thing, and it will tell you whether it was written by a boy or a girl. It says I'm both a woman and a weak male, possibly European. How did it know?

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