Tuesday, April 1, 2008


My daughter got a Chia Pet for solstice and we finally got around to breaking the sucker out during her spring break (and my extended sick leave). I've never known anyone to get one to grow, but I'm here to shout, my girl's Chia Pet KICKS ASS. It will KICK YOUR CHIA PET'S ASS ANYTIME. Mean, green, and making the scene.

In other news, astrologer Eileen Nauman's notes on the transneptunian Hades sum it up pretty well. "Symbol: Half Moon in the waning form, with the "cross of matter" contained within it. The Moon in another form reminding us that our emotions can ultimately dis-ease us and kill us if we don't work constructively with them. "Breakdown to make a breakthrough".... It is also the Persephone/Hades myth being lived out by the individual--one must go into the depths of their own, unique "Hell", be destroyed by it, resurrected and rebirth and finally, emerge from Hell into the outer world of fruitfulness, fertility and higher spiritual evolution...Toxic shame...Diseases with a root cause of humiliation, shame, loss of self-esteem, loss of a parent/job/family/country of origin--"shocks" to the vital force that are held deep within the person and manifest later as dis-ease. Eating one's self up alive."

No foolin'.

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Jill Matrix said...

Awesome post. Great blog. Linking you to me, Maria Padhila. Shhh.

NM that you know from the MH.