Friday, July 4, 2008

Gotta Love Those Little Visitors

OK, had to post this chunk from the website of the place where we're staying:

"Our village of Lézignan provides wonderful strolling walks for those who are looking for the peaceful traditional French village. Lézignan has a beautiful 17th Century church. The church spire is unique to the Barony of Angles.

There is also plenty of wild life, with deer roaming the woods behind Chez Passet, and birds of prey circling above in the blue skies. We also have the little visitors too, with Doves, the Nut-hatch and of course the Robins and Great Tits."

Of course.

Photo: Weekend


Pam said...

J'espere que vous devenez un bon temps dans les petits croquillages de France.

I have no idea what I just said. It started out OK, but then I was just throwing quasifrancophone shit in 'cause it sounded nice. ("Coquillages"?)

Anyway, I hope the eau is douce. Or doux. Dammit, I haven't studied French since 1979.

Anonymous said...

This country is filled with oh-so-sensitive nice guys (and gals) who will capitulate all their freedoms - and their neighbor's freedoms - in a heartbeat, all in the interest of continuing to be oh-so-sensitive. Ironically, because these mush-minded bending willows will be losing all the creature comforts they as Americans are so fond of, and demand. I see darkness and despair if Obama is elected. I see darkness and despair no matter what, but it'll be pretty much irreversible if Obama is elected.

Jill Matrix said...

Now that everyone has said thoughtful, prosaic things, I will add that I love Great Tits.

Anonymous said...

Darkness and despair "pretty much irreversible" if Obama is elected? The past eight years have brought us nothing but darkness and despair. That needs to be reversed. Take a look around and tell me there's another option to change this course we're on. Yeh, that's what I thought. It's Obama.