Friday, October 17, 2008

The Hamster Wheel of Necessity

My friends, please represent and support the American Center for Sarah Palin Inspirational Limericks, my friends. My friends, I know you can show them the best. Oh, that goes for my enemies, too. Thanks to the most voracious poetry blogger on earth for the tipoff.

And for this one, too. Someone's hip to the fact that my prodigious output is part of the plot to bring down the system, man. An apologia for the poetry bailout:

"The crisis has been precipitated by the escalation of poetry debt—poems that circulate in the market at an economic loss due to their difficulty, incompetence, or irrelevance. What began as a subprime poetry problem on essentially unregulated poetry websites has spread to other, more stable, literary magazines and presses and contributed to excess poetry inventories that have pushed down the value of responsible poems."


mark said...

Limericks aren't up to your poetic standards..... just my observation

Maria Padhila said...

There once was a man named Lao Tzu
Who admired the plain and the true.
For elaborate form
He had nothing but scorn
So for him, a limerick would do.

"By letting go, I achieved everything."

Pam said...

Wasilla’s self-named Barracuda
Met Jesus, Bob Dylan, and Buddha.
When asked, “Did you pray
That you’d best Tina Fey?”
Admitted “Well, dangit, I shoulda!”

Man, there are so many choice rhymes in her world: Wasilla, Alaska, maverick....