Monday, November 24, 2008

"If By R&B You Mean Roots and Berries!"

I heard "Right on the Tip of My Tongue" the other night, and it sent me off on an Itunes hunt that led to a bunch of Thom Bell masterpieces and Philadelphia soul. Like most things involving Teddy Pendergrass, it soon got out of control. One odd thing that popped up was a tribute mix album called "The Barack Obama Victory," featuring Harold Melvin, The Stylistics, the Staples we thought it was a bunch of insufferable hippie college boys who got this election won, but it was my peers behind it all, after all.

So here's MY thankful mix to grind nutmeg to: Right on the Tip of My Tongue, Brenda and the Tabulations; Children of the Night, The Stylistics; Love TKO, Teddy; Never, Never Gonna Give You Up, Barry White; He Was a Big Freak, Betty Davis; Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time), The Delphonics; Trouble Man, Marvin Gaye; Win, David Bowie; Come Go With Me, Teddy; More News from Nowhere, Nick Cave; Hurt So Bad, The Delphonics; End of the Line, Roxy Music; Betcha By Golly, Wow, The Stylistics; Feel the Fire, The Essential Teddy Pendergrass...

Photo: My new fantasy is John Legend in a forest ranger outfit. This'll have to do for now.


mark said...

Glad to hear you FINALLY into the Philly sound - it's never too late, you know. but THE place to go for soul is Stax..... I'd be happy to lend you some gems from my extensive collection.

But the real reason I stopped by is to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.


mark said...


You know I only recently learned what "cougar" means in the context I think you mean it.

i'm a but surprised you're letting others define what you are... need i remind you you're an independent thinker?

Oh well..... HT!!!!

Maria Padhila said...

Oh, where to begin...
1) I've been listening to Philly Soul since I was 9 years old and I used to sing "Right on the Tip of My Tongue," my favorite song, all the way home from swim team practice, with my friend, sitting in the way back of the station wagon. This was just the first time (blush) I'd ever DOWNLOADED any.
2)I assume this means I've been listening to it longer than you have, Young Man, so don't get stentorious with me.
3) Stax and Philly Soul are completely different animals. One's out of Memphis and hard-edged funk and was more in the 60s; the other is lavish, orchestrally arranged supper-club music from the 70s.
4) I love both. People who know me know that I'm all about liking this, that and the other, and a whole lot more besides. It's all good, baby.
5) There's a certain jujitsu in identity politics that lets you take the labels others might impose, flip them, embrace them, celebrate them, and claim them for one's own with invigorated personal meaning.
6) Flipping, embracing, celebrating and invigorating personal meaning are also what I'm about. But not claiming for one's own, nuh-uh.
Happy Thanksgiving back at you and every one.