Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What Tiger Woods Didn't Do

The golfer didn't do any of these things:

--Refuse to sell a breast cancer survivor health insurance.
--Cut off funding for children's health care.
--Take gift cards given as holiday help to the poor and spend them on himself.
--Make peanut butter with factory equipment contaminated with salmonella.
--Tell a homeowner in trouble that he could help them get a new loan to avoid foreclosure, take the last of her savings, and run off.
--Spend people's retirement savings on bottle service in nightclubs.
--Collect hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonuses after running a company into the ground.
--Threaten to expose a CIA agent as political retaliation.
--Make up news in order to promote a political agenda.
--Threaten harm to a witness in a drive-by murder case.
--Dump PCBs into a creek.
--Continue to manufacture known carcinogens.
--Refuse to meet safety standards in a mine, causing deaths of workers.
--Lay off hundreds of people to save his stock options.

What he did do, apparently:
--Have sex.

Why are people so upset about that last thing, and not mad at all the people who did all those other things?


Anonymous said...

If your man went out and did what Tiger did, you'd bust him up and down and every which way. All these things you listed that he did not do are in many ways worse and more important, and it is very frustrating that they are not given their proper outrage, but people respond to Tiger, talk about Tiger, think about Tiger because his transgressions are the most fundamental and least abstract of all: He strayed on the mate who bore him their children. J.S.

Maria Padhila said...

Hey! Are you in NY or DC???
But beg pardon, you're wrong, I wouldn't bust anybody...but my approach to relationships is another story for another long night.

Anonymous said...

OK, correction noted. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. I am back in D.C. now ... Let me know when all that work clears and we can get together. -- J.S.

mark said...

Nah, the question is why do people care to say anything about Tiger at all, for any reason? Except of course for his golfing abilities. So yes, by extension, this includes your piece here.