Friday, April 9, 2010

Special Offer Extended--Tell Me to Fuck Off Thru April 14!

The new deadline for finishing my book manuscript is April 14. New moon. So many stupid work interruptions. I'm furious frustrated over not being able to write what I please. I want to write about a very good writer who died but it just doesn't seem right even if I could. I want to write about Massey Energy but that could take years. And I really want to write about Erykah Badu, but the perspicacious Wanda Sykes has pretty much said it all.

PS: Perspicacious is a good thing to call someone. Someone called me it in a letter to the editor once. It was then I discovered that it doesn't mean sweaty.


mark said...

Sykes? Really?? Here is a woman who has found fame for doing nothing - which is a fast track and increasingly popular way of setting yourself smack dab in the middle of the radar - and you, of all people, are deferring to her? You're much too good for that. I have just had unbidden images of you chomping organic popcorn on Saturday nights, cross-legged on the couch, watching her, Shudder.

mark said...

oh - i missed the deadline, didn't I?