Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Vote For Me Is A Vote For Strippers and Chickens!

So inspired because my friend nominated me for Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere(R)! Go to this link and vote today because this is your only chance! Vote for me, Maria Padhila, vote for one of the other nominees, check out today's poem about chickens! You will just love it.

Shadow Floyd

He didn't know the word
Shaudenfreud, he thought he'd heard
Something else, under the music, and he looked around
Wondering who I was talking about. That guy
With the powder clinging to his pornstache? The glowering one,
Or the old man wheezing through the plastic tubes,
One hand twitching, in a weak, repeated beckoning?
No, they are themselves, not enemies,
Not projections, not paper targets, not yet
Beings of light. The young man has, like me,
Wanted the curve of her hip under his hand,
Wanted the music to go on all night.
The old man is not like my
Father, who will have the grace
(And let's not forget the money)
To vanish quickly and at some distance removed.
This old man, this young man, will go on and on,
Peeling off bills for the strippers,
With every huff getting thin enough
To pass through the eye of a needle.
A wave goodbye would knock them over
And yet here comes the force of the whole sea--
Overkill. This is where I defy god and say:
Let the angels sing. The song
Is a beautiful mercy, a gift
As they are rocked away.

Image: A detail from Fred Folsom's famous Shepherd Park painting used completely without permission. If you know and love this one, you should check out his recent work on his site. I wish I could buy one. Maybe if I become Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere, fortune will follow.

Update: That old subject/verb agreement thing. Correction made.


mark said...

Alright I voted for you, despite the chicken reference. but since your and my idea of a conversation differ somewhat, I have to say a poem about me would go a long way to getting my friends to stuff the ol' ballot box.


mark said...


How's you get your blog to come up first on Are bloggers really that competitive?

Maria Padhila said...

shucks mark, i guess it's just daily prayer and clean living. and i'm afraid you'd find my conversation very dull nowadays. just me and poems and gardening; not at all what you're looking for.

mark said...

What I'm looking for is a friend. You're intelligent, witty, creative...good attributes for a friend. I thought you were beyond this not trusting me bit. I dig dull. By the way, I'm not really sure what you're responding to here ... and I expect you to know, of all people, that it's "shucks (R)".

jowdjbrown said...

This is where I defy god and say: Let the angels sing. NYC strippers