Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Of Safety And Surprise

Of course it's not really the end of anything.


So this must end
And that must end and
The other must come
To an end as well.
Even a rock will crack
Under such seepage,
Split as sure as rot.
Under a dark moon, void
Of course, here's
The formula, the slime
And vine whose twist
Found the fissure and
Pulled the granite
Beneath the creek's surface.

Photo: Legit and my own for once; Sunday run on Soapstone trail. Nine stream crossings in .9 miles, big fun.


Slothrop said...

Beautiful...the photo's almost as evocative as the poem. Love your rhythms & inner music.

Micah said...

Gotta say, instant fave...

Maria Padhila said...

@slothrop: have you ever done that trail? it only really works if you loop it in with one of the rock creek trails cause it's so short, but i like it cause it used to be a soapstone factory way back when the first people lived here. i hadn't been on it in years and it's not very busy, either.

Slothrop said...

Maria - I can't believe I never ran it, b/c I used to live quite close to it on 14th St. I guess b/c I never saw pictures. ;) Now my favorite part of Rock Creek is the Surrender Dorothy trail where I ran the Parks Half. The part that dips down into DC is great, tho not very wild.