Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Beam And The Mote

This is not the way the card is meant to be interpreted. It is actually a very happy card. I am constantly accused of "seeing things the wrong way."

Four of Wands


It's so hard to catch my breath,
Coming over the ridge. Panting.
They say that's normal. The atmosphere.
My skin the soft, deceptive blush
Of the newly burned. Thirst eclipses all.
None of these sensations is unfamiliar.
Insert joke about finally using what
You've been trained for here.
That's what used to pass for dark humor.

Then on the bluff, towers, a colony.
The fires and floods must be behind them.
"Not waving but drowning"--?
Beckoning. From here, they look whole.
Approach the gates and you see
Robes, rags; hair, strings; eyes, blood-rimmed:
But smiles, welcoming.
They have been hungry for so long.


Slothrop said...

The language is stirring, voluptuous; then I reach the end and...are they going to eat you? The new dark humor? You could of course be a courier, but as written it falls far on the side of ambiguity.

Evokes some endless, hot runs when I can't decide which I would like best at the end: sweet solace or instant death. Great to see you back w/ such a bang.

Maria Padhila said...

I'm happy to hear from you! yeah, this one isn't so hot--getting my groove back, i hope. i always long to get the four of wands, with the community welcoming me, but i can never help thinking, with my luck, all those welcoming waves will just be a joke--or worse ;) come in, come in, we were just getting ready for dinner!