Saturday, April 11, 2015

Four And A Half Stars In Your Eyes

Four Seasons At The Four Seasons

Blossom festival
Duties ended, princesses
Hit the hotel bar

Masked men dislodge a
Wasp's nest from the eaves outside
Room 237

Orange skies. Sheet-wrapped
Lovers huddle on sidewalks.
Just a fire drill.

Irish, neat. A low
Table near the window wall.
Footprints in thin snow.

Today's prompt was a seasons poem; the judge is haiku master Michael Dylan Welch. (I'm going to start linking the judges for the Writer's Digest Poetry Month project, because they're fuqing saints to put up with us, and some tiny promotion is the least I can do.)

I have a soft spot for the Four Seasons. It looks nondescript, like the dullest office building, from the outside, but inside, it's all luxury and views of the park. I interviewed Rita Mae Brown there one spring. Last year, we went ice skating Christmas Day at the waterfront rink, and DD fell and cut her hand. The drugstore was closed, no convenience stores around, but the front desk at the Four Seasons hooked us up with a full first aid kit. I told them we weren't guests, but they said they were happy to help current and future guests. That's how you do it.

Image: "Executive Chef Douglas Anderson’s decadent French toast is made with smashed chocolate croissants served with Nutella, black cherry compote, whipped butter and maple syrup. The dish is offered during breakfast Monday - Friday 6:30-10:30 am and weekends 7:00-10:30 am for USD 17 exclusive of tax." I got too many food allergies to get into all that, but I'll watch.

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Slothrop said...

This is funny, yet strangely lovely.

My favorite Four Seasons Hotel (tho I wasn't a guest) is in Istanbul. Beautiful & palatial from the outside. Inside it was one of the most feared prisons in Europe for decades. Eventually, everything flips.