Friday, July 20, 2007

Spreadsheet of the Goddess

Washington erotica. Oxymoron? Discuss.
It took me a while to realize my daily life of writing about policy, IT, and business for money was well on its way to giving me cancer. To discover an exit strategy, I did what comes naturally: Lit a candle to the goddess, and made a spreadsheet. Variables included my skill set, background, knowledge, number of years left, what (creative) writing markets are most open to amateurs, which pay the most to (creative) amateurs, what type of writing takes the least time and research (and thus can be squoze into after-hours), what would be fun, and what will not kill my soul.
Conclusion: Erotica set among women 35 and older in Washington offers least risk and greatest potential for return.
The goddess must be crazy.
Has she seen these chicks with the shoulder pads and the sneakers and the bulletproof pantyhose? Saggy-pants sack-suit dudes with seam-split backpacks?
But I know y'all freaks are out there; I feel you. And I'm not talking about diaper-wearers and intern-chasers, either. I mean grown folks who still have some muscle and will and juice. So I wrote one last weekend and sent it off; another due this week. Eight makes a manuscript.
And if that doesn't carve a door out of policy writing, the next option is the "Inspirational" writing market. If I have to, I'll check into that after the fall.

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