Monday, August 27, 2007

We're Very Wide Awake, the Moon and I

Eclipse tonight, 4 degees Pisces/Virgo. Yep, I'm nervous. But excited. I'll be up with the deer in the morning to see what I can see. The deer walk right down the streets of the city in the early morning, and they especially like to forage around my skywatching spot.

On her Big Sky Astrology site, April Elliott Kent, who has enormous eclipse insight, writes: "But at this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces, remember that trying to do too much to save the world, without taking time to remember why it's worth saving, is a recipe for anger and brittleness."

Pandora Astrology characterizes this eclipse as John Belushi pulling you along on a road trip.

And the always-interesting Eric Francis says, in his long article that includes a look at several asteroids, "The Moon disappearing for a few moments in this sign is like a veil being pulled back, or a doorway opening, that leads to another realm of possibilities. Too often, we look around us and we see the past. We expect people to act like they acted in the past, and we expect them, moreover, to fill the roles established by our family of origin. This eclipse reminds us that something else is possible."

I'm hoping so.

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