Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Whiff of Hysteria

Got a pack of samples from Scent Bar the other day. And the winner is Let Me Play the Lion by LezNez, storm-broken linden-tree branch from above and leatherbound Catholic hymnal frankincense up close. Will never lose my allegiance to Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's supernatural scent oils, but a little artificiality never hurts, for balance alone.

Five poems to go. Plus a story to revise by tomorrow. Between the World Series, Halloween, paying work and drama, drama, drama, I'll never have a minute to myself again. Mercury, I can't wait til you turn your ass around Nov. 1.

PS: Despite perfect weather, all my favorites in the Marine Corps Marathon came home a little bummed. Didn't get the times they wanted, and one ironman fell victim to IT band just a week before (and did it anyway. Ow.). I think there must be something about that course, cause it seems to whupass every time.

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Anonymous said...

Wise said he started getting "shooting flames" of IT pain on mile 7. Cramps at mile 17. By mile 20, he was getting killed. But because he was running for charity, he solidered on, walked in and finished. He said he would "never again" enter a race in such a condition, referring to his injury.

Meantime, he told me some pretty juicy backstory about some of the people at that party Saturday night. Sad tho, too.