Friday, January 23, 2009

"Hello, Mr. Soul, I Dropped By to Pick Up a Reason"

Yogi Tea, make up your fucking mind, come on, I pull up one chamomile teabag and the fortune-cookie like paper tag on the teabag says "The soul is projection. Represent it." Oh, yo yo yo, yogi tea, representin' all up in the house, what the hell is that supposed to mean, anyway? If it's projection, why would I want to represent a projection, if such a thing were even possible, I mean it's like a movie of a movie, right? So the next teabag says "The soul is the highest self" and I'm all, OK, which is it? WHICH IS IT? I need to know, because I'm in a haze of "flu-like symptoms" and I don't even like chamomile, and speaking of representational, I look in the mirror and I see something by Lucian Freud, or fuck, by Francis Bacon and I feel every minute of my years.

I hate Yogi Tea, but I love my new Friday yoga teacher. She plays Tom Waits during class.


Allison said...

Your Yogi Tea rant just made my day. Hope you feel better soon, but keep the snark, it's becoming.

Worst fortune cookie I've seen (recently): "A carrot a day keeps the cancer away." Wtf?

Maria Padhila said...

Ha! That's not even kosher according to TCM (to further mix up the cultures.).

Anonymous said...

I swear by Yogi Tea, particularly Green Tea Energy. -- J.S.