Monday, September 17, 2007

Bad Lieutenant and Cherry Tree NOW with PRIZES

UPDATE: Hola! Add your entry to the comments, please! The more legit entries, the more I'll up the contribution. (I must confess Backstretch is leading with Behind the Green Door. It just fits, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.)

Movie haiku's an occasional critic pastime, but I never indulged (didn't write poetry for about a dozen years, remember? Yeah, that counts.). But I was looking for a quote from a script and found these. They have a few on obscurities like Buffalo '66 and ...

Bad Lieutenant
big bad lieutenant
spiralling towards the abyss
killed by strawberry

Here's mine:
The House of Mirth
A little too free
Shunned by good society
Drink some chloral tea.

Do you get a hat trick if your haiku rhymes, or does that ruin it? Anyway, I issue a challenge to all my imaginary friends to do movie haiku with the most obscure one you can think of. Extra points for Middle Eastern, Nigerian or Cuban.

UPDATE: There's a prize! A Why A Goat t-shirt and $10 to the cause of your choice, and I hope it's hers.


Anonymous said...

Bad Lieutenant

Harvey Keitel moans
Caught doing blow with ho's
Don't bet on the Mets

Anonymous said...

Behind the green door
something so unspeakable
in the Seventies


Anonymous said...

Big, hairy King Kong
the id of Peter Jackson
and lots of money

Will H. said...

"Rumble Fish"

Midwestern ennui
In beautiful black & white
Nobody got it


Dizzying design,
Byzantine bureaucracy:
Gilliam's opus


Jane Campion's best,
Its secrets hidden inside
Criterion disc

"Joe Versus the Volcano"

Director: "Make Abe
Vigoda wear a skirt of
Orange soda cans"

"The Moon In the Gutter"

Be still, libido
I'd like Nastassja Kinski's
Lips in a wee box

"River's Edge"

Keanu seemed cool;
D. Hopper as Boo Radley..
Pass me the Feck-weed

"Drugstore Cowboy"

Epic.. seen with my
Friend who went on to become
The Pomba Gira

Mike said...

Billy Zane needs work!
Garry Busey needs a job!
Valley of the Wolves!

MP said...

MP said:

Elevator to the Gallows:

Jeanne Moreau's pain,
Maurice Ronet stuck in box,
Miles Davis blows horn

Wings of Desire

Angels in Berlin
For Wim Wenders' fantasy
With Nick Cave soundtrack

Sweet Hereafter

Bus crashes, kids die
A town reels, palms to the sky
It's so freaking sad

Russia House

Not obscure, too bad
Michelle Pfeiffer super hot
Tom Stoppard script? Right.