Saturday, September 29, 2007

I'm With the Band

So I now have something called Iliotibial Band Syndrome, which makes your knee really hurt. And I have a 20-mile race tomorrow.
So when I went to the running store to pick up the race packet, I asked about this magic bullet knee brace that's supposed to make it all OK. The salesperson gave me a bunch of advice, showed me a good stretch and recommended a foam roller, which I'd been trying to get for a while.
Then, obviously under the influence of glucosomine, I asked about the best way to use the foam roller: "So, you just lie on it and rub it out?"
After that came out of my mouth, I would have hidden myself under a pile of shoes, but I took refuge in my suburban mommy persona, pretending to be someone who couldn't possibly take that remark the wrong way. And he was such a polite young man not to laugh at me. So here's a shoutout to Gotta Run in Pentagon City, cause I did have to run, run so far away.

BTW, got a bunch of late entries in the Haiku contest, which brings the charitable contribution to $22. But as I suspected, the winner is Backstretch, with Behind the Green Door. (Though big points for the Gary Busey and Nastassja Kinski references, y'all!)

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Anonymous said...

Hey, CC
Backstretch here. I'm flattered to be so honored. My humblest thanks to you and everyone at the Academy and my producers and . . .