Thursday, December 6, 2007

Make Me Scrawl

Went to a book release party last night for an anthology by women writers. Some forced discussion afterward on whether a women's anthology was "needed." Well, I'd print one, if I had the cash, if only for the perks.

One of the writers said her students (college level) "hated" feminism and were "embarrassed" by it, especially by hearing their teacher talk about it. mrat. Who put you in that seat, little fluffy dumpling? I didn't sleep my way through writing classes just to hear the Female Kids of Today say they don't need or want feminism!

Speaking of feminism, My Man made the discovery of Betty Davis after hearing one of her songs on this year's Oxford American compilation. I happen to think it's feministastic to have funked around with Graham Central Station, made it out of Miles Davis' bed alive, and then written something like this:

"I know you could make me scrawl...I know you could get me shaking...I know you could make me climb the walls...that's why I'm not going to love you...because you know I'd make you eat your ego...I'd make you pocket your pride...that's why you're not gonna love me..."

And give Backstretch some competition for Hanukkah and enter the contest. Do it for the children. See below.

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