Friday, December 7, 2007

Santa, Pluto and Thor: My Trinity

Took my girl to see Santa today. We went to a mall, something I try to do no more than once a year. I was taking her to this garden center place for Santa, but they started getting all Jesusy on us. So to the mall it was.

Her reaction: "Santa is handsome."

She also thinks Thor is handsome. Thor has actually moved right in next to Pluto, and both of them are hanging out in my partnership house. It's getting crowded. They're going through all the beer. What's a girl to do? Go ask Santaaaaaaa...I think he'll knooowwwwww....

Santa recommends a tall vodka-and-pomegranate juice. Bless your heart, Santa. Santa, could I have this blogger for Xmas? She's the bravest blogger I've ever read.

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dweezila said...

thank you for finding me and letting me know you're out there. I really appreciate knowing that there's a reader here and there. It helps me to sit down and imagine looking you in the eye, telling you what's really so. I will read your blog and find out more about you. Thank you.