Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Too Soon and Too Late

Sometimes it's kind of good being so out of touch: Just heard about Tom Terrell's death today. This was a DJ (and general positive force) who got a lot of people through a lot of Sundays. And a really good writer.

There's been a lot of Miles Davis energy around the house lately (mean that in a good way), touched off by that Betty Davis discovery; my man's been playing Bitches Brew a lot (trying to transmit a message, dear?) and is salivating over the On the Corner box set. Maybe Santa will show with it, cause now I want to read the essay--written by Tom Terrell.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I never got to hear Terrell's PFW show. My friend Sush says it was tremendous. If you go here, there's a great 12-minute video of Terrell interviewing a bunch of guys who played on that record at Miles's old apt., in the garden of his old place. (Makes me wonder if the apartment is open to the public; couldn't find any reference to it as a museum or anything....