Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The L Word and the B Word

Finally catching up on my Tivo'ed L Words. As usual: Writing, abominable; plotting, absurd; fashions and set design, fantastic; sex scenes, whoa baby call the doctor; music, how do they do it??? Issac Hayes' amazing Stax version of "Walk on By" at the finale, sounding for all the world like the new Portishead. And "Do the Strand"?!? Beautiful. Ladies, I take it all back.

Been meaning to write about some of my favorite blogs. I tried to get one of them blogrolls, but it's too complicated. I'll eventually add one. Promises, promises. Or was that "Walk on By"?

***While I was lying around whining and going to doctor's appointments all last month, she was writing poems. Good ones. Check it out. She also writes about rock and roll.

***Jill Matrix, I remember dancing with you to Curtis Mayfield at that party where you kissed a boy. Don't try to deny. Find out something about life, media, construction and cats here in her blog. I'd say something about the real L word, but that would just be too clumsy.

***Like that photo you're looking at? It's by my mad burner buddy who once got on a bicycle in New Jersey, rode it all the way to Burning Man, stopped to do his thing, then got back on and rode it to San Francisco, the promised land. Want to buy one like it? Want one in that style but starring you? Go here. Oh, and the blog traces a case of Obamamania that turns to rational second thoughts, tho supportive. Obamambivalence? We'll miss you and the bad songs of the '70s this weekend, dearie.

***Copper Stewart, whom I encountered through Reclaiming witchcraft, has a mind of depth and breadth that is positively scary and eternally amazing. Walt Whitman to ancient Egyptian sacred geometry to forest ecology to politics. His livejournal has lots of fun branches, creeks and ripples; Paganmonist has longer, more structured articles, poems, more.

Photo: Copyright Mark Still, and if you reproduce it without permission, Isaac Hayes AND Shaft will kick your ass. Is that clear enough?


mark said...

Hayes is the new Portishead? Am I reading that right?? It {may} by the other way around. Stax is untouchable, the platinum standard for all that is holy and good in the music label Universe. And that Universe finally whimpered out to an unimpressive death about a decade ago.

By the bye, Jasper - thanks.


Pam said...

Wow, it's me. Thanks for plugging the blog.

Another L Word watcher, I see. Shane Shane Shane, Shane of fools.... I think I just like to bitch at the screen when it's on. Soooooo stupid.

So I thought Jenny floated out to sea on a raft with her dog; next thing I see, she's a diva director? Did Wallace Shawn pull the raft onto his yacht? Why the hell do I even care?

Sexiest things on the show: (1) Bette and Tina's architecture; (2) Shane.

Jill Matrix said...

Yeah, I thought I was being really transgressive. He wanted no part of it, which I found strange. Sigh. :)