Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh, My Darling

It is the song that must be sung this season in the Cougar household whenever one of the sweet little citrus fruits is opened: "You are lost and gone forever, dreadful sorrrrrry, Clementine."

Which is fun for me and DD but leads to many questions from a 7-year-old: "Why is she lost and gone forever? Why is he sorry?" She assumes the singer is male. Interesting.

"Well, he just thinks she's gone forever. But really she just swam downstream a little bit and she'll pop back when she's had a little time. She can't call him because the song is from the old days and far away, so he's feeling bad, but he'll feel better in a little while."

She's buying it. "What's escalating for a mine?"


Amateurzac said...

What *is* "escalating for a mine"?

Maria Padhila said...

It's actually "excavating"...but that's not a concept with which she's familiar. But since she's been transporting via Metro since infancy, "escalating" is second nature.

"In a canyon, in a cavern, excavating for a mine/was a miner 49-er and his daughter Clementine...Tripping lightly like a fairy, tho her feet were number 9/herring boxes without top-ses, these were shoes for Clementine...Driving ducklings to the water, every morning at nine/struck her foot upon a spinter, fell into the foaming brine..."

Yeah, it's a weird one. I can really get behind the "tripping lightly like a fairy" part, tho!