Saturday, December 6, 2008

Three Items, Of Which the Second Could Be Regarded as Cleavage

I'm really intrigued by this--haven't read any of the poems, but I want to. Grace Cavalieri (who does so much for so many poets) reads from her new book Anna Nicole 2 p.m. tomorrow, Sunday, at The Writer's Center, in Bethesda.

BAker sent me this tool that purports to psychoanalyze your blog,and I was afraid to look at it, but I tried it. It basically said I'm a Libra (an emotional performer). Which is accurate but not too scary.

And Santa (eBay) finally brought my husband the Miles Davis On the Corner sessions. The box art is amazing, featuring not least a sort of frieze of an old-school funky cartoon characters embossed on the box, bell-bottoms, hoop earrings, platform shoes, big hats, big hair. One lovely lady in a leotard actually has one forthright, raised nipple perfectly embossed.

Photo: Shamelessly ripped off from Time corporate. Those Guess adds were so startling in the world of emaciation and dirge--it was all, like, who IS that woman?


Allison said...

I ran my blog through and it told me I'm an ESFP. Funny, I paid a career counselor a decent sum of money once for basically the same evalution.

Maria Padhila said...

Yep, with the little drawing of the woman standing at the bar? Me too! Maybe that's the one all the girly blogs automatically get. rrr.

Anonymous said...

for years Grace had "The Poet and the Poem" on WPFW and it was a show I came back to again and again to make Sunday night perfect. I was sorry when she left (had to go?). And I'm sorry I missed her at the Writer's Center, a place I actually used to play open mike on my keyboard when I was writing songs regularly.