Sunday, September 12, 2010

Shamanic Shambolic Shamwow (Plus Poetry Challenge!)

I've been attending a shamanic group that I'm enjoying a lot. I went in because I was interested in adding more of a healing dimension to the kitchen witchery (eclectic solitary urban pagan) stuff I do all the time. Side effect has been getting several poems out of the gatherings. (The guy who leads it does pretty amazing healing massage as his "real work"--if you're someone who knows me and you want contact info, ask me via email.)

One thing one's encouraged to do in the dream journeying is to ask for a gift, something I find very difficult to do. The dream journey on Friday, I ended up in a big old farmhouse kitchen and I got a gift without even asking, something very simple. I gave myself 10 minutes to write a pseudo metaphysical riddle poem about it. If you guess what it is, you could write a pseudo metaphysical riddle poem about what you'd like for a reward.


The root that reaches to Pluto's realm
Pulls in his riches, gold, copper, and bone,
And presses to share in the properties of stone.
Seeking its sweetness, my hand probes,
Pulls, encloses it in warmth, cleans
Until it softens, shrinks away.
I have work to finish. Now it
Bobs before my obdurate plodding as
My promised reward. Hold me to it.


Slothrop said...

I'm pretty awestruck by this 1 - the beauty of the language & rhythm, its imagery & amazing concision - so I'm hoping it's not the obvious double entende it seems. (Maybe the legacy of growing up in a Beavis & Butthead culture?) I prefer to see it as a sumptuous description of 1 of my favorite roots, ginger. Hard, golden, sweet, & weirdly human-shaped (esp. when glimpsed as a small child). Fantastic in tea, cookies, African stews, & so much else. If ginger was your intention, bless you.

Maria Padhila said...

i always do the beavis and butthead stuff, cause i'm immature. now i'm going to have to write one about ginger--"get with child a ginger root"? i love the stuff and usually have some candied ginger with me. great for running esp. when you start to feel sick. but the answer here is "carrot"--last lines are the clue. ;) thanks again...