Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Crawl and Fly, You and I

Joni Mitchell's birthday, a new moon in Scorpio approaches, Mars plunges into the sea, Eros flutters off in distress that he's loved a mere mortal, and Pluto turns and faces me and declares: "Put down the fucking pomegranate and tell me now: Who is your lover and who is your enemy? Or do you want me to find out for you?"

I smash a few juicy seeds between my tongue and teeth, swallow and nod. "I'd appreciate that." I've really gotten to like the guy in the past six months. Quiet, no bullshit. Reminds me of Clint Eastwood.

Well, let's hear from the birthday girl. I'd forgotten what she could do to me.

"And put me at the top of your danger list
Just for being so much like you are!

You're a coward against the altitude--
You're a coward against the flesh--
Coward--caught between yes and no
Reckless this time on the line for yes, yes, yes!

...Behind my bolt locked door
The eagle and the serpent are at war in me
The serpent fighting for blind desire
The eagle for clarity
What strange prizes these battles bring
These hectic joys-these weary blues
Puffed up and strutting when I think I win
Down and shaken when I think I lose
There are rivets up here in this eagle
There are box cars down there on your snake
And we are twins of spirit
No matter which route home we take
Or what we forsake
We're going to come up to the eyes of clarity
And we'll go down to the beads of guile
There is danger and education
In living out such a reckless life style
I touched you on the central plains
It was plane to train, my twin
It was just plane shadow to train shadow
But to me it was skin to skin
The spirit talks in spectrums
He talks to mother earth to father sky
Self indulgence to self denial
Man to woman
Scales to feathers
You and I
Eagles in the sky
You and I
Snakes in the grass
You and I
Crawl and fly
You and I..."

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mark said...

What? Nothing about me in your blog? Even in the days leading up to PDF? God, it sucks for me to be so ego-centric!