Saturday, November 3, 2007

That's What She Said.

An actual funny interesting poetry blogger and her funny sexy online poetry magazine functioning in DC. I have to get out more.

I was doing my usual poking around for the payoff (spreadsheet ideal: fewer than five poems, more than $500 prize, less than $25 entry fee, simultaneous is great, not language poetry-centric. I'm just not fucking smart enough for language poetry.) and ran across it. And you know this shoutout can't be seen as currying favor for possible publication, cause no one reads my blog. "The Ballad of the Lonely Blog." Allllllright, that's enough.

I will be child free in eight hours and swept away for a few days of Romance. I have to gather my supplies. What did I do with that thing? No, that other thing, and the shoes. Think, think. It's not like you've been in the Underworld all week or anything, for chrissake.

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