Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pulling Out, Cutting Back, Making a New Bed

Burying my sorrows in my neglected garden, pulling out what's dead, cutting back what I hope will grow bigger and better in just a few months, really, just a few months is all it will take until there is warmth and they come back. They'll come back. That magic happens every year. But I don't ever really KNOW.

You know.

This is a look at the latest new moon from Planet Waves. But note before: Men "pay a high price in admitting to sexual desire" as well. Witness this phenomenon. OK, he's not my kind--yawn, no wild leaps or big brooding. But the way he's getting savaged by women all over blogland is grotesque. I hate these kinds of online pile-on flames. There are better ways to burn--ones that aren't fueled by fear over your own projections. Understand? Women savage men who admit looks and sex matter to them because they don't want to own that part of themselves that values looks and sex.

You want to make fun of his writing, well, that's another issue.

OK, rolling over in the gutter, let's check out the stars.

"We are exploring the darkness, facing the unknown, not really able to see what is happening....Our fear is really fear of change.

The Sun and the Moon are conjunct Juno. The Roman goddess Juno was queen of the gods and the jealous wife of Jupiter. By most accounts we think of Jupiter as unfaithful; we do not normally think of him as alive. If you were the king of the gods, you would probably want to have sex with all the other goddesses and nymphs, wouldn't you?

Juno symbolizes marriage, partnership dynamics, woman's role as a wife, fidelity and jealousy. She will also reveal shades of commitment, the feelings about commitment...This can change, particularly as we go through relationships. We may be questioning commitment unconsciously, or confused about its dynamics or meaning. We may in some way be feeling unfree, but experiencing it as chaos or loss of clarity. Possessiveness and learning how to let go arise as central themes of this lunation.

An exact conjunction of two asteroids, Vesta and Lilith in Capricorn is adding its own spice to the mixture... Lilith can also represent the crisis that "being the real me" brings into the lives of both women and men, particularly when it happens to women. Women in particular are trained to conceal their real identity as a way of life and of survival, particularly where sexual desire is concerned. For women, the price for admitting to sexual desire is apparently much higher than it is for men. When considering Lilith as the real woman inside the woman, this is an essential dimension to consider.

Vesta...can manifest either as celibacy or as the capacity to bestow sexual favors for the purpose of healing or growth; the choice is up to each of us.

...This is a picture of some interesting confrontations between the part of men that is more feminine, insecure, nurturing or needy; and the part of women that is hot at the core and focused on the intention of being known and available as inherently sexual."

One look at this, and you'll subscribe. How often does someone speak to your soul?

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