Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Here Comes a Storm in the Form of a Girl

I drove my hybrid smugly, as usual, to 355 Toyota for servicing. Got it back way hours later, with all the radio presets wiped out and replaced by Christian stations. And one country.

I'm pulling out and some guy's quoting, ick, Paul, something about "I wait on the Lord, I wait on the Lord." Well, I waited on the car. And a whole lotta other things, too, I'm waiting on.

I called, smugly, and ripped them a new one. Intend to write, smugly, too.

Ironically, all the way there I'd been over-and-overing Courtney Love's "Heaven Tonight."

I am drunk and drugged and dizzy with hope. I won't admit fear. He hung out here too often and caused a lot of trouble. The bouncers have his photo and they won't let him in.

"Here comes a storm in the form of a girl
Summer rains come flying in
It's like heaven tonight
Here comes a kiss like I never felt
There's nothing like this
It's like heaven tonight
I hear the horses come galloping
and I'll never grow old
It's like heaven tonight
Because I love you
For what you are....
I can believe that I can be happy
Summer will come again, I can be happy
Oh stop your crying, you can be happy..."


mark said...

Sorry, don't see anything about me in your blogs. Used to be a fella would tell another fella that he saw his family name in some sort of "Who's Who" book and not tell him what page, leaving the other fella buried in the book all weekend long.


By the way, I'd enjoy your writing more if you didn't quote while passages from other authors every chance you got. Unless your purpose is to offer literary critique.

Maria Padhila said...

it's "egoiste," of course. no, the part about women being encouraged to speak their minds about some subjects at the same time that men are condemned for it, is what i meant. a kind of flip going on in the ongoing societal battle, now. one i don't like.
but maybe i'll try that ploy you mentioned.
my purpose is to amuse myself and keep myself out of trouble. it often fails. like many things i try.