Monday, January 7, 2008

"The Coin Don't Have No Say"

I don’t get out much to first-run movies (childcare). But here are three lines that stuck with me from three I did see this year.

“The coin don’t have no say.” No Country for Old Men. Opting out of the game is the last and somehow, maybe, the most powerful move toward freedom one can make when it appears one is powerless.

“I will sit here with you all night if you want me to.” Into the Wild. A “temporary” road relation is willing to give more than a “real” family member would. So what is the true nature of commitment, blood, time itself?

“You have a niche.” Michael Clayton. People do not want you to change. And most everyone’s afraid to find out if they can really pursue “old,” left-behind dreams. But if you’re lucky, something blows up and you end up having to do it anyway.

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