Thursday, January 10, 2008

Leave My Adulterous Cousin Alone!

I found the Lifetime Movie Title Generator in my poetic research. Its creators acknowledge that while the machine is inventive, it takes a human mind to come up with something as precious as "Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?"

My faves so far are the headline and:

God, Don't Leave Me Paranoid
Maria's Story: A Teacher's Brutal Lover
Brought to Justice: The Dark Bethesda Infidelity

You can choose all kinds of professions and situations, and it generates a Lifetime Movie title for you. I put cousin in there just to make things interesting. Oddly enough, my favorite cousin just called and is coming up for a visit.

He's currently unmarried, but attached, so yeah, leave him alone anyhow!


Anonymous said...

Somebody stop me:

Overcoming My Scurvy: A Promise to My Husband

Lesion in the Night

Love Me, Love My Sore: Mary 's Story

Danielle Steel's Dark Sore

Mary : It's My Scurvy, Damn It

Maria P said...

"Cry for My Nauseous Husband," baby. It's a Purging Called Maria.