Friday, January 18, 2008

Free Sample, Like at Trader Joe's

So horribly burned out from work. Afraid to turn anything down--when we look back, we'll realize a recession started about three months ago.
This one is based on the Lifetime Movie "In the Best Interest of the Children," in which Sarah Jessica Parker (wha?!) plays a white trash bipolar mom whose five kids become the subject of a court battle.
Men aren't the only ones with a death-and-resurrection cycle. We invoke and destroy the bad girl, over and over.

The Manic Mommy
Even though she’s broke and bipolar,
Her house is bigger than yours.
Sure, it’s tumbledown, but so is her long blonde hair,
The kind of richness of ringlets you’ll never have.
Five fucking kids and she’s still skinny as a whip. Hah!
And how many cowboys have rolled
Over her mattress on the floor?
Smart, too, and so are those kids.
When the baby cries, the oldest girl
Goes to the kitchen to find something to feed him—
Deftly smashing one roving roach
With the base of the baby bottle,
Baby in one arm and holding the bag
Of nearly all-eaten-up potato chips in the other.
She rocks the baby and sings to him and feeds him
Potato-chip crumbs softened with tap water.

You fat barren bitch handpicked by the state,
Do you think you’re a match for the manic mommy?
With your Barney song and your farmhouse cookies—
Dinosaur, sitting on your big purple bottom,
Crying about the interests of the children—
You haven’t got a prayer against her.
She’ll get out of that hospital.
She’s scooping up those kids and speeding ahead,
She’ll crush you like a potato chip.

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Tara said...

Wow. It's perfect.